The average consumer will not buy a product or service unless they have enough information about it. Their discover process mainly starts with pre purchase research covering any credible source of information about a given product, service or vendor. In the past, the consumer waited for a magazine like the consumer report to hit the streets before he could make a purchase. The consumer also spends a sizable amount of time asking around for feedback about using various service providers, and sellers.

In an e-commerce driven world, the consumer relies on the information he gets online to make decisions about what he wants. In this end, the real-time published customer reviews and product/vendor guides on the e-commerce companies come in handy. There are many companies that don’t really share actionable intelligence a consumer can rely on for decision making. Essay writing companies are among these companies.

Student consumers

When the student consumer wants to buy a custom essay online, he or she has no proper source of information to guide his decisions. The end result is that, many spend money with poor quality service providers, get scammed, etc. They need to look at alternative sources of information before they can buy the next custom essay. helitutor.com is a website they can rely on for this.

Why we rate essay writing companies

There is no essay writing company that allows a would-be customer or anybody into their system. We understand that it’s necessary to protect the customers’ privacy, but this also does more harm than good. This website exists to provide the relevant information the consumer needs to know before they can hire an essay writing company. We are also ranking some of the best essay writing companies based on student feedback to ensure that poor quality essay writing companies don’t survive. Having all the information on one page also helps to save time.



How it works

As stated, we are publishing a lot of reviews on this website. The first set comes from real customers. They share the experience they had with an essay writing company in the form, of a rating and comment. We use the former to rank top essay writing agencies while publishing the comment below every review.

We also ask experts on this website to investigate different essay writing companies. They write a summary which is eventually published to guide the consumer with deeper insights into individual essay writing companies.